Psalm 6

Refrain:    Turn again, O Lord, and deliver my soul.

1    O Lord, rebuke me not in your wrath;  

neither chasten me in your fierce anger.

2    Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am weak;  

Lord, heal me, for my bones are racked.

3    My soul also shakes with terror;  

how long, O Lord, how long?

4    Turn again, O Lord, and deliver my soul;  

save me for your loving mercy’s sake.

5    For in death no one remembers you;  

and who can give you thanks in the grave?

6    I am weary with my groaning;  

every night I drench my pillow

and flood my bed with my tears.

7    My eyes are wasted with grief  

and worn away because of all my enemies. [R]

8    Depart from me, all you that do evil,  

for the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping.

9    The Lord has heard my supplication;  

the Lord will receive my prayer.

10  All my enemies shall be put to shame and confusion;  

they shall suddenly turn back in their shame.

Refrain:    Turn again, O Lord, and deliver my soul.

Lord Jesus Christ,

may the tears shed in your earthly life

be balm for all who weep,

and may the prayers of your pilgrimage

give strength to all who suffer;

for your mercy’s sake.


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