Psalm 146

Refrain:    The Lord shall reign for ever.

1    Alleluia.

Praise the Lord, O my soul:

while I live will I praise the Lord;  

as long as I have any being,

I will sing praises to my God.

2    Put not your trust in princes,

nor in any human power,  

for there is no help in them.

3    When their breath goes forth, they return to the earth;  

on that day all their thoughts perish. [R]

4    Happy are those who have the God of Jacob for their help,  

whose hope is in the Lord their God;

5    Who made heaven and earth,

the sea and all that is in them;  

who keeps his promise for ever;

6    Who gives justice to those that suffer wrong  

and bread to those who hunger. [R]

7    The Lord looses those that are bound;  

the Lord opens the eyes of the blind;

8    The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down;  

the Lord loves the righteous;

9    The Lord watches over the stranger in the land;

he upholds the orphan and widow;  

but the way of the wicked he turns upside down.

10  The Lord shall reign for ever,  

your God, O Zion, throughout all generations.


Refrain:    The Lord shall reign for ever.

Lord of all,

our breath and being come from you,

yet our earthly end is dust;

as you loose the bound and feed the hungry,

so bring us in your mercy through the grave and gate of death

to the feast of eternal life,

where you reign for evermore.


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