Annual HLC Returns

Each year we invite clergy who were eligible for our HLC scheme at 31 March to tell us how much they spent in the previous year and to provide an estimate of their costs for the coming year via MyView.

It is important that those eligible for the scheme complete the form each and every year to continue to access the full benefits of the scheme, which includes savings on tax and National Insurance. Those who aren't eligible for the scheme, or don't complete their form, can still claim some tax relief via their tax return.

HLC Annual Return 2022

On 4 July 2022 we contacted everyone, who needs to complete the Annual HLC Return for the year ending 31 March 2022.  It is important to refer to this communication as it confirms what information we need you to provide.

We recommend that you submit this information as soon as possible to minimise any adjustments to your allowance, which is part of your stipend that isn't subject to tax and National Insurance. 


Who needs to fill in an Annual Return?
When to complete your Annual Return
How to complete the Annual Return
What can I claim for
How will the figures be used
Can’t access MyView
Where can I find more information about the HLC allowance?
Suspension of HLC allowance in October
Missed the deadline for previous Annual HLC Return