MyView is being replaced

MyView is being replaced by a new People System. From the end of March 2023 the new People System will manage the payment of clergy stipends, hold your personal information and the information that will be presented in the National Register of Clergy.  Please ensure you use your 5 digit unique MyView reference number to log in to MyView, not your People System reference number.

Find out more about the new People System.


The People System is where you will access pay documentation for March 2023 and into the future.  

  • Historic pay documentation will continue to be available in MyView until 30 September 2023.
  • Please download and save your pay documentation for the tax year 2022-23 currently held in MyView by 31 July. Doing so will enable you to reference it when you complete your next tax return.
  • This guide shows you how to download and print pay documentation from MyView.
  • All of your historic pay documentation currently held in MyView will be archived and made available to you later this year. This means that you do not need to download all of your historic pay documents prior to 2022-23 tax year from MyView by 30 September More information about how to access your archived documents will be communicated in due course. 
  • From April 2023, you will also be able to submit heating, lighting, and cleaning (HLC) estimates using the People System, if this applies to you.

Please note that MyView is not compatible with the Firefox, please use an alternative internet browser.

Login to MyView


To sign in you will need your Unique ID (which can be found on your pay statement) and your password.

If you don’t have a password or can’t remember it, select ‘forgotten your password’ and follow the instructions. If the information has been entered correctly we will send you an email with a temporary password; this password is valid for two hours.

We have included some common questions below and there is also a step-by-step user guide to help you.

Help logging in

What is my unique ID and where can I find it?
I forgot my password or I'm a new user and don’t have a password
I haven’t received an email with the temporary password
My account is locked or suspended

Technical Difficulties (once logged in)

I get a blank screen when I log on
Error message – “something unexpected happened”
Error message – “session ended”
I need some historical documentation that isn’t available through MyView

Using MyView

Can I print and save documents from MyView?
Can I amend my bank details and/or my personal details through MyView?
I have left the payroll – can I still access MyView?

I can’t find what I am looking for

If your question hasn’t been included or you need some additional support then please consult the user guide and if that doesn’t help please send an email to [email protected] .

When contacting us please include as much detail as possible, make sure you quote your unique reference number, and where applicable the text of any error message you receive and/or any data you have entered, in the format you entered it.