Clergy payroll

Payroll Services (Clergy Team) pay a stipend to most clergy and licensed layworkers in parochial appointments. We do not employ the clergy, but we are responsible for making statutory deductions in respect of PAYE tax and National Insurance.


The final deadline for the 2018 Annual HLC Return has now passed and we are unable to accept any further forms.  If you did not submit your form by 30 September your allowance was suspended, pending completion of this form.  If you did not submit this information by 28 February then your allowance will not be reinstated until you complete your 2019 Annual HLC Return and we won't be able to make any backdated adjustments to your allowance through the payroll. We will contact clergy who need to complete the Annual HLC Return for the year ending 31 March 2019 when it is available.

You can now opt out of receiving paper stipend documents, please see our Payroll FAQ's and this link for details.

Do we have your up to date email address? Please check on MyView to see what address we currently hold. If you need to update your email address please see our frequently asked questions for information on how to do this.

The Table of Parochial Fees for 2019 is now available, please click the link for more details.

Clergy can now apply for parochial roles on a new site: FAQs & guidance on creating a personal profile are at here. If you need any guidance please contact Pathways Support.