Advice and guidance for church buildings

We offer guidance and advice on the day-to-day maintenance of your church and on how to go about making changes to your building.

If you’re interested in the support available to help church in rural areas, we also recommending visiting the Arthur Rank Centre.

  1. Close up of a light bulb


    Lighting a church building is challenging and requires the input of specialist advice to achieve a successful scheme.  We can help you make sure your lights have a positive impact on people’s experience of your building.

  2. Interior view of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square

    Local Authority Investment

    Guidance on the National Association of Local Councils and their policy on spending on churches

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    Managing conservation projects

    Conserving artworks and historic objects is a complex process. It involves contracting specialised professionals, commissioning surveys, and getting your permissions and funding. We can take you through the steps of a conservation project.

  4. Close up of a processional cross made of metal


    Many church metalwork and ironworks are of historic and artistic interest such as those made by the local blacksmith or in a regional or national craft workshop.

  5. Monumental Brass

    Monumental brasses

    The best and most ancient church monumental brasses are very important antiquities.

  6. Close up on carved writing on an old gravestone which says "In loving memory"

    New burials and memorials

    Burials, monuments and exhumations are regulated by law. The design of memorials is controlled to make sure that churches and churchyards remain special places that everyone can appreciate. We can help you understand the rules and practices so that you can guide the bereaved, or those wishing to install a new memorial.

  7. Blue sign in front of the church building with name of the church


    Everyone will see your noticeboard when they pass by the church. Make a good first impression. We can help you make sure your noticeboard sends the right message.

  8. Row of organ pipes inside church


    Your church organ needs regular maintenance, and every 20 to 30 years it might also need a few repairs. We can help you make good choices when the time comes to repair or replace it.

  9. The steps to make a purchase in a cycle


    There are some circumstances where you will be required to go through a formal tendering and procurement process – for example if you are completing a project funded by public or government money. However it is a good idea to follow these processes if even you are not required to, as it ensures that you know you are getting good value for money. The process to procure goods, and to recruit consultants and contractors must be fair and open. We can guide you through the requirements.

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    Quinquennial inspections

    Every five years...