Liturgical plans for cathedrals

Successful schemes of work are underpinned by a clear and persuasive liturgical argument.

The processes of developing your liturgical plan and testing emerging proposals against it, is beneficial to your projects.

We can help you develop your plan.

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The fundamentals

Nature and purpose
Who is it for?
Making sure all your policies and plans are consistent

Preparing a liturgical plan

Who should prepare the plan?
Get advice and talk to your wider community
Contact the Liturgy and Liturgical Furnishings Group

What should it include?

Initial questions:
More detailed questions:
Contextual questions:

How is a liturgical plan used in the approvals process?

When we consider an application, we expect you to provide supporting material which:

  • Describes and illustrates your proposals
  • Provides an overview of them
  • And sets them into context

A liturgical plan can help with a statement of need or supporting liturgical statement.

It should help you articulate and justify your proposals to:

  • Decision-making bodies
  • The cathedral community
  • And other stakeholders

A liturgical plan should not be used to justify a particular piece of work. It should provide an overview and understanding of the wider liturgical life of the cathedral and aspirations for its development.


We will expect you to be able to show that you’ve taken the above guidance into account in your thinking before seeking advice on concrete proposals.