Write your business plan

How are you going to deliver the new activities when the building work is finished?

We can help you plan your way to success.

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Section one: background information

Pull together everything you have done so far and answer the following questions.

Who are you and what do you want to do?
Where are you?
Why is your project necessary?

Section two: how are you going to do it?

Describe your project strategy in detail.

How will you manage your project?
What resources and equipment do you have? And what do you still need?

Section three: how much will it cost?

Put together a budget and separate:

  • The cost of putting the project together
  • The costs once the new activities are up and running
Capital costs
Revenue costs
Your budget

Section four: the conclusion

How are you going to pay for it?
How are you going to advertise the project?
How will you measure the success of your project?

Case studies

Next steps

To make your vision become a reality you need to start thinking about: