Filling in applications

Funders want to know what your project will do and how you will do it.

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What do funders want to know?

Most funders are looking for the same information. They just ask in different ways. They want to know:

Funders don’t reply to round-robin letters. So make each application unique to their preferences and priorities.

“Give the answers to the questions the application form asks, not what you think you need to say!”

Crossing the Threshold

What should you tell them?

Be blunt. Tell them what difference their money will make to your project.

Be clear about:

Talk the language of fundraisers

Give them proof

To show them your project is needed, include information like:

You can also use this information to measure the success of your project later on.

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“You’re selling your project, not begging for money. Be proud of what you will achieve with their help.”

Crossing the Threshold

Top tips

  1. Funders have their own criteria – so explain how your project helps them achieve their own aims and objectives
  2. Think about what they want to fund, not what you need them to fund
  3. Make sure your budget adds up
  4. Answer every question
  5. Be specific and to the point
  6. Assume funders know nothing about your project

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Helpful hints

Next steps

To make your vision become a reality you need to start thinking about: