Loans of objects from cathedrals

Your cathedral safeguards countless items of great beauty and historical interest. You may wish to loan your objects to other venues or institutions.

We can help you to make sure that your objects do not come to harm.

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A list of all objects owned by the cathedral chapter that is thought to be of architectural, archaeological, artistic or historic interest.

What permissions do you need?

Your cathedral Chapter is required to record any object of architectural, archaeological, artistic or historic interest that is in its ownership or possession in your cathedral’s inventory.

The Chapter needs permission under the Measure to loan, sell or dispose of any object recorded in the inventory.

Objects of outstanding interest
Other objects


For the purposes of the Measure, any object or structure that is permanently situated in or fixed to the cathedral is treated as part of the cathedral’s fabric rather than as an object.

What do we look for in your application?

The primary concern is that the object should not be damaged by or during the loan. It is also important that the loan goes smoothly and that there is no doubt about the pre-loan condition of the object.

Provide the following details:

  • The duration of the loan period (include any pre- and post-exhibition travel and preparation periods)
  • The receiving venue, including the exhibition location
  • An assessment of the object’s condition by a qualified conservator: environmental conditions under which the object is displayed or stored (temperature, relative humidity, light levels and exposure to UV light, etc.), any conservation or stabilisation work that may be needed to make the object suitable for travel or exhibition
  • The proposed handling arrangements for the object: packing, transportation, unpacking and physical handling
  • Insurance valuation and cover and security arrangements for the object in transit and when exhibited
  • The exhibition arrangements: the security of the venue and display, the display environment and environmental controls (temperature, relative humidity, light levels and exposure to UV light, etc.) and monitoring provision
  • Provisions for a post-loan condition assessment

Additional supporting information for your application

Also include:

  • An introductory statement by the Chapter providing background information and setting the loan in context
  • An extract from the inventory giving details of the object in question
  • Statements by the cathedral architect and, or cathedral archaeologist, as appropriate