Support our buildings

Carlisle Cathedral ceiling detailing

Support our buildings

It costs us an estimated £115 million every year to repair our historic churches

It is thanks to the generosity of local church communities that these buildings survive, but they cannot do it alone. They desperately need your help.

Help us protect our buildings by donating to the Anglican Parish Churches Fund. Your donations will help fund conservation grants, support projects that deal with the major issues churches face, and help strengthen the skills and resources of parish volunteers.

Help us to support our buildings

We own the largest number of historic buildings in England and we need your help to keep them looking beautiful

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The Anglican Parish Churches Fund (no. 1148066)

The maintenance of historic churches across the country is financed by local volunteers with little experience in fundraising. The average annual cost for the maintenance and repairs to parish churches is £115 million. Local communities struggle to raise these funds year after year and need financial and professional help. For this reason, the Church of England set up the Anglican Parish Churches Fund as the national charity to support the care and conservation of its historic and at-risk parish churches.

The Church of England’s 16,000 parish churches are amongst Europe’s finest historic buildings and contain an unparalleled wealth of heritage interiors, rivalling the collections of the world’s great museums and attracting millions of visitors each year.

We welcome all donations, however large or small, and we commit to using your gift where the need is greatest, in the care and maintenance of the Church’s national historic churches.



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