What type of work requires permission?

You will need permission for any works that affect the architectural, archaeological, artistic and historic character of your cathedral, its precinct and its content.

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Easter garden inside Worcester Cathedral James Atkinson

What do you need permission for?

Under the Measure, you need permission for:

  • Works that affect the character of your cathedral or its setting (including repairs and maintenance)
  • Works that affect the archaeology or any human remains in your cathedral or its precinct
  • Permanently adding a new object to your cathedral that would affect its character
  • Selling an object of interest owned by the chapter or in its possession
  • Loaning an object of interest owned by the chapter or in its possession
  • Disposing of an object of interest owned by the chapter or in its possession
  • Doing works to an object of interest owned by the chapter or in its possession

Who do you need permission from?

You need permission from either the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England or your cathedral’s own Fabric Advisory Committee.

It depends on the type of work you want to do and its likely impact.

Type of works approved by the Commission

The types of work requiring approval from the Commission are:

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Type of works approved by your Fabric Advisory Committee

The right to “call-in” and refer proposals

The Commission can “call-in” any project which it thinks gives rise to special considerations, such as:

  • Special architectural interest
  • Special archaeological interest
  • Special artistic interest
  • Special historic interest

The Commission can also refer an application back to the Fabric Advisory Committee.

What type of works do not need permission?

You do not need permission for:

  • Works connected with the ordering of religious services
  • Works to push forward the cathedral’s mission

Under the condition that the works:

  • Do not affect the fabric of the cathedral
  • Do not last longer than 12 months

Who is responsible for the application?

The cathedral chapter is responsible for all applications made under the Measure.

This is also true of works done by someone else, such as a tenant or a utility company. You need to get approval from your Fabric Advisory Committee or the Commission before allowing the work to be carried out.

The cathedral's inventory

You have a duty to put together and maintain an inventory of objects of outstanding interest in the cathedral’s ownership or possession.

The FAC will draw up the list of objects, which will be agreed by the Commission.