Get the builders on site

Your architect will hire the builders and manage the building works.

But you need to understand what is happening because, in the end, it’s your responsibility.

Close up of a sign on a door that says the church is closed while a new floor is being laid Mike Peckett

Choosing your builder

Getting the right builder is about knowing what you need.

Put a list of builders together
Compare the tenders
Sign the contract

What else will your architect do?

Your architect is responsible for:

  • Finding the builder
  • Managing the tender process
  • Managing the building works and people involved
  • Making sure the works are good quality and done like in the specification
  • Making sure building regulations are complied with
  • Monitoring risks and delays
  • Making sure you know the reason why the design had to change a little (yes, this is normal)
  • Making sure that this change doesn’t cost you too much
  • And making sure you get a set of “as-built” drawings once the works are done

What should you be doing?

Select one person from your group to make decisions during the building works and keep in touch with the architect.

And think about:

How you can use the church while works are happening
Keeping everyone informed
Controlling the noise and pollution
Having the right insurance

Case studies

Next steps

To make your vision become a reality you need to start thinking about: