Cathedral architects and archaeologists

Each cathedral is required to employ both an architect and an archaeologist.

They give expert advice on the care and conservation of the historic fabric of a cathedral.

We can help you understand their roles and responsibilities.

Man sitting inside a trench making notes on his archaeological findings James DeMers

Cathedral architects

Their role
Their duties
Choosing an architect
Key relationships

Thinking about a major new building project?

We recommend an open selection process to appoint the architect most suited. This may or may not be your cathedral architect.

However, your cathedral architect should be fully involved in discussions of the project brief and remain closely involved during the project as the guardian and “friend” of the building’s fabric.

Cathedral archaeologist

Their role
Their duties
Choosing an archaeologist
Key relationships

Remember: Every application made to your Fabric Advisory Committee or to the Commission which potentially has an archaeological impact should be accompanied by, at minimum, a brief statement from the cathedral archaeologist indicating their views on the proposals.

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