Apply to your Fabric Advisory Committee

The cathedral administrator is responsible for making sure applications are made in the proper way.

We can help you navigate the process from beginning to end.

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Completing the forms

You must use the standard forms to apply.

You will find the instructions for completing the forms in the Care of Cathedrals Rules 2006.

Your checklist for applying to your Fabric Advisory Committee

As cathedral administrator, have you:

Sent the application and supporting documents to your FAC secretary?
Sent the public notice to the Commission?
Sent a copy of the public notice to the relevant planning authorities?
Displayed the public notice inside and outside the cathedral for 28 days?
Sent the certificate of publication to the FAC secretary?

Commenting on an application

Consultees have 28 days to make written representations on an application to the Fabric Advisory Committee. They should send their comments to the cathedral’s FAC secretary.

Typical consultees on applications include:

The Commission might choose to determine an application rather than the FAC because the proposal gives rise to considerations of such special architectural, archaeological, artistic or historic interest.

This is rare.

If it does, it’s usually because the case would set an important precedent or touch upon an issue of particular sensitivity to which consideration should be given at a national level.

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The Fabric Advisory Committee will determine the application once:

  • The 28-day consultation period is over
  • It has received the certificate of publication
  • And it has considered any representations made by consultees or members of the public

The FAC can decide to:

  • Approve the application unconditionally
  • Approve the application subject to conditions
  • Refuse the application
  • Refer the application to the Commission for determination
  • Informally advise chapter to withdraw its proposal and resubmit it in a revised form

Following determination, the FAC secretary has ten days to send a notice of the decision (form 5) to the cathedral administrator, the Commission and the relevant consultees.

A chapter or tenant has the right to appeal a refusal or against any imposed conditions.


You must display the decision notice inside and outside your cathedral.