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With the current advice on Covid-19, we understand you may have difficulties applying, accepting and claiming ChurchCare grants. Please be reassured you will not lose your grant if you are currently not able to accept or claim it. To help you, we are:

  • Extending our time period for acceptance of a ChurchCare grant
  • Extending time periods for grant claims

If you are having difficulties applying, accepting or claiming a grant, please contact us directly to seek advice and support. We are all currently working remotely, therefore please bear with us as there may be some delay in responding to your email due to the larger than usual number of requests and responses that we will receive during this period. Contacting us via email is always the best approach as we may not have access to our telephones during parts of the day.

Further advice from the Church of England is available here and provides guidance that is specific to churches.

Kitt Milroy mural Rickerby & Shekede

We give grants of up to £5,000 for conservation reports on historic interiors in Anglican parish churches in England. Conservation reports are an essential first step in projects involving the repair and conservation of artworks and historic furnishings in churches. They are also a key document to support faculty and grant applications. More information on conservation reports can be found here

In addition to conservation reports, we also fund other types of surveys or analyses that may be needed to work out why your object needs conservation, including:

  • Building performance surveys
  • Environmental surveys
  • Technical analyses such as paint or pigment analysis, and salt analysis

These grants are offered in partnership with the Pilgrim Trust. Our grants are awarded around 4-8 weeks after application.


Deadline: Applications are accepted all year round

Decision:  4-8 weeks after application

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