Finding the right external funder

You should apply to as many funders as you can.

We can help you make this process as efficient as possible.

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Step one: make a list of funders

There are already a lot of lists of funders out there:

Go through them and pick out the funders who might be worth going to.

Also try:

Helpful hints

“Remember you don’t just have to apply to church funding organisations… you should be looking wider.”

Crossing the Threshold

Step two: choose the funders on your list you think are worth apply to

Go to their website and look for:

  • Guidance notes for applicants
  • Case studies
  • Charitable accounts
  • Guidelines
  • Aims and objectives
  • Requirements

Do their criteria match what you are trying to do? Are their aims and objectives similar to yours? Can you meet all of their requirements?

For each funder you think is worth applying to, write down:

  • What parts of your project they might want to fund
  • Their contact information
  • The application deadlines
  • The likely size of their grant
  • The time frame for getting back to you

This means that when you are ready to make applications, you can apply in a logical order.

Helpful hints

Some criteria are common:

  • 100% funding is rare. Be prepared to give at least 10% from your own resources. (e.g. local fundraising or in-kind support)
  • Some funders will only pay for a small part of your project (e.g. between 10%-75%)
  • And some funders will only give to a specific section of your project. So target your appeal

Our top tips

  1. Find out how the funder gives out its grant money (e.g. in stages, with receipt of paid invoice)
  2. Take advantage of all the help they offer (e.g. guidance notes)
  3. Call them if you have questions
  4. Don’t change your project just because they offer you more money
  5. Keep a record of everything! (e.g. emails, phone calls, rejections & reasons, offers, amounts, deadlines, conditions, etc.)

Find out more about identifying potential funders

Case studies

Next steps

To make your vision become a reality you need to start thinking about: