Advice and guidance for church buildings

We offer guidance and advice on the day-to-day maintenance of your church and on how to go about making changes to your building.

If you’re interested in the support available to help church in rural areas, we also recommending visiting the Arthur Rank Centre.

  1. Tapestry at St Andrew’s Church, Roker


    Textiles contribute greatly to the character of church interiors and all need to be cared for in a way that is appropriate for the nature and condition of those materials.

  2. The practical path to net zero carbon for churches

    This guidance offers a 'practical path' to net zero carbon for church buildings, showing where most churches should start, and the more advanced projects for churches who use more energy. 

  3. Wooden Statue


    Timberwork (or woodwork) and wooden furniture contribute greatly to the character of church interiors. Help identify the signs of damage to historic timberwork and furniture and understand the causes of damage.

  4. Steps up to path in ancient woodland


    Trees are a traditional and valuable feature in your churchyard. They create character and support wildlife. We can help you take good care of them.

  5. Diocesan Environment Officers holding up banners with the fifth mark of mission

    Webinars on getting to net zero carbon

    Find details of our series of webinars on different aspects of the Church of England environment programme and the path to 'net zero carbon'.