There are some circumstances where you will be required to go through a formal tendering and procurement process.

It is also a good idea to follow these processes if even you are not required to, as it ensures that you know you are getting good value for money.

The process to procure goods, and to recruit consultants and contractors must be fair and open.

We can guide you through the requirements.

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The steps to make a purchase in a cycle Parish Resources

Buying goods, works and services using public money

You have to tender for services by a professional adviser if your project is funded by more than 50% of public money, even if your project is divided into stages over several years.

Public funds include:

Procurement stages

Procurement involves five main stages:

  1. Scoping : understanding the needs of the work
  2. Scoping people:  understanding why you require certain types of people and skills
  3. Shortlisting: inviting a short list of people or companies with the required skills
  4. Tendering: People or companies offering evidence of their efficiency to complete the work
  5. Contracting: awarding the contract to the best tender

What should you look for in a quote?

The tendering process is not just about the price.

You should also look for:

  • Quality of the proposal or service
  • Experience, qualifications and resources of the professional adviser
  • Communication skills
  • And an understanding of your needs

This means that if the current church architect is the best person to do the work, according to reasonable and clear criteria, then you can award them the contract, even if their costs are a little higher than those of a less suitable candidate.

Where should you advertise for professionals?

You can advertise in:

  • Local or regional newspapers
  • Trade journals
  • Contract finder website (register as a buyer)
  • On our website (complete our online form and send it to us via our email)

Current advertisements

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