Alterations and extensions

A successful alteration or extension to a church can be a great enhancement to parish life. 

We can help you follow a proper process and avoid pitfalls.

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How to reorder and extend

Together as the Parochial Church Council, once you’ve decided to think about a reordering proposal, you need to take the following steps:

Step one: consult your Diocesan Advisory Committee
Step two: think carefully about your needs
Step three: prepare initial statements of significance and needs
Step four: get advice from your architect
Step five: consult with others
Step six: get detailed drawings

Ask yourself:

Can you afford to run and look after your new facility when it is built?

Funding bodies may be able to support you to carry out the reordering project if they support your vision and have evidence that there are robust and sustainable plans to achieve it.

But, it is your responsibility to make sure those plans are put into action and that you achieve long-term financial sustainability.

This is something that will require an ongoing commitment of energy and enthusiasm that reaches far beyond the process of reordering itself.

Liturgical reordering

Liturgical reordering means to make changes to the church to allow worship to be improved or done in different ways.

If you are thinking about taking on a liturgical reorder, then it will help if you have thought about:

  • How you worship
  • And how you want the building to help this

You can get temporary permission to experiment and find what works for you. Ask your archdeacon for help.

When you think you know what you want, look carefully at the following issues:

Remember each church is different
Think about how you use each part of the building liturgically
Think about the position of your font
What about being bold and innovative?

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