Advice and guidance for church buildings

We offer guidance and advice on the day-to-day maintenance of your church and on how to go about making changes to your building.

If you’re interested in the support available to help church in rural areas, we also recommending visiting the Arthur Rank Centre.

  1. The steps to make a purchase in a cycle


    There are some circumstances where you will be required to go through a formal tendering and procurement process – for example if you are completing a project funded by public or government money. However it is a good idea to follow these processes if even you are not required to, as it ensures that you know you are getting good value for money. The process to procure goods, and to recruit consultants and contractors must be fair and open. We can guide you through the requirements.

  2. Church exterior with graveyard in foreground and sea in background

    Quinquennial inspections

    Every five years...

  3. Wild flowers in front of a church. Label says Land and Nature webinar series.

    Recordings of webinars on land and nature, for Churches Count on Nature

    During 5-13 June 2021, over 500 churches around England and Wales took part in Churches Count on Nature.

  4. Solar Panels at Brighton St George

    Renewable energy

    Renewable energy installations are more and more common and affordable. But it’s important to choose the right one for your building and community use.

  5. Close up an unfinished church lead roof


    Your church roof keeps out water and prevents the deterioration of your building and its content. We can help you make sure it is carefully maintained.

  6. Archaeological ruins of a church building

    Ruined churches

    Ruined churches are a treasured feature of our countryside. For some parishes, they can be an expensive headache.  But for others, they represent an opportunity. We can help you understand how to deal with ruins in your care.

  7. A man smiling on pew in church talking with other people


    Historic seating can be significant in its own right as well as a major element of the significance of the church as a whole. Changing or replacing it can have a big impact on the interior of your church. We can help you understand your seating and the options for making changes.

  8. Church bookshop inside bell tower

    Sharing your building and finding partners

    We want to encourage you to make wider, more imaginative and more strategic use of your church building, opening it up to all in your community and giving people new reasons to cross the threshold. We can help you select the right legal and funding model to develop your building for uses beyond worship.

  9. Stained glass window

    Stained glass

    Every window in your church is unique and needs to be understood and respected. Historic glass is one of the most fragile materials in your church. But we can help you see the signs and understand the causes of damage. We can also help you with practical maintenance tips.

  10. Close up on the golden ceiling with dome and arches

    Statements of significance and needs

    If your church is listed, then you need to write a statement of significance and needs to apply for faculty. We can help you focus on what’s important.